IntegraCare suggests creating a training programme that allows the various practitioners in this care model to be motivated through an immersive and/or combined approach (face-to face, and online). The main goals discussed by IntegraCare project include:

  • To promote dependent people’s personal autonomy, active and healthy lives.
  • To empower the social and health care practitioners of vulnerable individuals and those with functional differences to apply critical person-centred treatment models.
  • To raise awareness of the link between integral person-centred care and the quality of life of dependent people and its core dimensions: emotional well-being, interpersonal relationships, material welfare, personal development, physical well-being, self-determination, social inclusion and rights.

The transnational approach is essential in this project, so IntegraCare merge different national realities towards a common objective: the person-centred care model implementation. The project benefits from an interdisciplinary approach and the participation of partners from different contexts of attention to dependent people. This will allow to unite realities and inspiring success stories, enriching the final result with transferable experiences to other sociocultural realities.

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